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Future proofing Scottish elections – The Scottish Government consultation on electoral reform

Over the last four years there have been five sets of Scotland-wide elections and two significant referendums, as well as countless by-elections. Now, with no scheduled polls in Scotland until 2021, we have a great opportunity to take stock and identify the challenges and opportunities in ensuring that our electoral structures remain fit for purpose in the 21st Century. Continue reading

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Voting – Go and give it a go!

Michelle, a campaigner for Mencap who has a learning disability, talks about her experience of voting and top tips for getting involved in democracy… Continue reading

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Our 2018 voter registration campaign

Have you Got 5 while your socks dry? Introducing our new voter registration campaign which asks you to use your wasted time to register to vote ahead of the 2018 local elections. Find out more… Continue reading

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A new law breaks down another barrier to voting

This new change to the law making anonymous registration easier will mean vulnerable people are able to register to vote without compromising their safety, ending a situation which has seen too many people disenfranchised in the past. This new legislation, will help hundreds of people, not least those at risk of domestic violence register to vote anonymously more easily. Being a survivor of abuse should never deprive a person of the right to have their say at elections. Continue reading

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