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Are you planning to be an observer at the May polls? Don’t forget about accreditation

One of our roles at the Electoral Commission is to authorise people and organisations to observe UK elections and relevant referendums. Information about observing at elections and referendums in the UK can be found on our website. Anyone over the … Continue reading

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‘7 May is doubly important for me: it’s both the election and my 18th birthday’

This year on the 7th of May 2015 is the UK General Election; something that I’m sure by now has been hard to miss with all the election debates, posters and political party broadcasts that have scattered the country in … Continue reading

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You are not allowed to read this blog after 20 April…

Hopefully that got your attention. It’s the same idea for our General Election TV campaign where we show people stopped from doing things they thought they could. With voting you might think you’re able to vote, but unless you’re registered … Continue reading

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Accessing the UK’s Political Finance data is now much easier

The Commission now has a new site for accessing the register of political parties and other regulated organisations. It is where we publish all of the UK’s political finance data; donations, loans, accounts and spending. The Electoral Commission has developed … Continue reading

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Don’t miss the boat! Not long to go until the deadline to register to vote

The deadline to register to vote as an overseas elector at the 2015 UK general election is fast approaching, with just days now left before the deadline to register on Monday 20 April. Whilst that isn’t far away there is … Continue reading

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So how do we feel about registering to vote?

All eyes are on the upcoming elections and there are daily polls about voting intention on the airwaves. But what do we know about the public’s views on registering to vote? Every winter, the Electoral Commission conducts a survey of … Continue reading

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The changing face of elections

How things change. For my first election my jobs were to clean the sealing wax off the metal ballot boxes (both long gone), write the postal vote envelopes out by hand, and then the proxy poll cards and then reset … Continue reading

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Looking for: A man who is registered to vote

Tall, sporty, interested in current events, likes to travel and is registered to vote. That’s my list of what I’m looking for in a man (well the start of my list anyway!), but while the first four boxes are easy … Continue reading

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