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Plan, execute, deliver! How the Electoral Commission and partners came together to achieve 1.5 million additions to electoral registers

Any communications professional will know that in order to achieve a successful campaign you need get the strategy right, plan it thoroughly and deliver results using a variety of innovative tactics. Ahead of the May 2015 elections, which of course … Continue reading

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‘7 May is doubly important for me: it’s both the election and my 18th birthday’

This year on the 7th of May 2015 is the UK General Election; something that I’m sure by now has been hard to miss with all the election debates, posters and political party broadcasts that have scattered the country in … Continue reading

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You are not allowed to read this blog after 20 April…

Hopefully that got your attention. It’s the same idea for our General Election TV campaign where we show people stopped from doing things they thought they could. With voting you might think you’re able to vote, but unless you’re registered … Continue reading

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Don’t be stuck in second gear… #RegAFriend

For people of a certain age, it’s upsetting to think that it is now more than 20 years since the first episode of the US sitcom Friends aired on UK TV. At the time it launched, the show kicked off … Continue reading

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