There’s a ton to do before election day!

Today isn’t just any day – it is 100 days until voters go to the polls on 7 May to cast their ballots in the UK Parliamentary General Election and local elections that are taking place in some areas of England. We’ve marked the day in a number of different ways, but most importantly, by reminding everyone that there are even fewer days to go until the voter registration deadline, which is 20 April. Fortunately, it is now easier than ever to register to vote as you can do so online at

Here at the Commission we obviously want as many people as possible to be registered to vote, but we also know that many others share the same goal. That is why we have been working with a growing list of organisations who we think can help to share the message about how important it is to register. This work ranges from producing resources for organisations to use, to supporting Operation Black Vote as they launch their bus tour around Great Britain to get more people from BME communities on the electoral registers.

Today we have also asked parliamentarians and political parties to support our voter registration campaign by linking to the online registration system on their websites and through their social media channels. We know that people will often visit their MP’s website and social media sites to engage with the political process, so it is a great opportunity to also let them know about the quick, easy and convenient way to register online.

This is a campaign that everyone who cares about the health of our democracy can get involved in. There are a number of ways you can do this.

First of all – and most importantly – make sure that you have registered to vote. If you haven’t done this already you can do it easily online now in just a few minutes at

Once you have done that, then, it would be fantastic if you or your organisation could help us spread the message more widely, whether it’s amongst your family and friends, your customers, your staff, or anyone else that may not have registered to vote yet.

Specific things you can do on National Voter Registration Day in particular are:
• Get involved in any events that are taking place in your area.
• Keep up to date with what we are doing by following us on Twitter or liking our Facebook page.
• Send a link to everyone you know and work with to the online registration site – – encouraging them to send it on to everyone they know.
• Tweet your support using the #NVRD hashtag and the online voter registration link. You could use one of the template tweets or Facebook posts we have produced or get creative and think up some of your own.
• You can also share this fun, short, video of Ballot Box Man, which shows what can happen if you haven’t registered!

Anything you can do to help would be fantastic and remember – your vote matters! Make sure you’re in!

Caroline Bolshaw
Deputy Head of Media and Public Affairs

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