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The Commission and the 2017 UK General Election

The announcement of the General Election on 8 June came before the dust had settled finally on some aspects of the regulation of the 2015 campaign. That is the nature of democratic politics. In any case, the Electoral Commission had … Continue reading

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Electoral fraud: high stakes highlighted in new report

2016 saw an unprecedented number of polls with important elections held across the whole of the UK in May, a referendum on the UK’s membership of the EU in June, and numerous parliamentary by-elections. We have recently published data on … Continue reading

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Three areas for change before for the next referendum

Adrian Fryer, Senior Policy Advisor The aftermath of the EU Referendum has inspired debate about a number of aspects of the poll, and recently that has included a focus on the financial controls that operated during and after the poll. … Continue reading

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The new registration system has been holding up but more ambitious reforms are needed in the long-term.

Davide.Tiberti                                                                                                                                   Research & Evaluation Manager, Electoral Commission 1 December is an important date in the electoral calendar: revised registers are published at the end of the autumn canvass and a snapshot is taken of each register held by local authorities … Continue reading

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Show us what is #OnYourDoorstep!

Next week we’re launching our #OnYourDoorstep campaign. Find out what, why and how you can get involved! Around 8 million people in Great Britain are not correctly registered to vote. Far too many, right? Help us to change that! Local … Continue reading

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The results of our latest survey are in- here’s what the public thinks about voting.

The Electoral Commission aims to put voters’ interests at the centre of everything we do. To achieve this, it’s essential to find out how people think and feel about the electoral process. Like many organisations, we use public opinion research … Continue reading

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My day at the Electoral Commission

As an Electoral Services Officer in a small local authority I’ve always viewed the Electoral Commission as a bit of an ivory tower, a faceless organisation far removed from the electoral frontline… Continue reading

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