Show us what is #OnYourDoorstep!

Next week we’re launching our #OnYourDoorstep campaign. Find out what, why and how you can get involved!

Around 8 million people in Great Britain are not correctly registered to vote. Far too many, right? Help us to change that!

Local elections are taking place across England, Scotland and Wales this May. To ensure people can vote in these elections, we’re launching #OnYourDoorstep to get people registered to vote now.

The elections impact your local area; your local park, that school down the road and the bus you get every day. This is your opportunity to have your say on who represents you, so don’t miss out!

Tuesday 7 March is #OnYourDoorstep day and we’re asking: What do you love most about your local community?

On #OnYourDoorstep day you’ll see local councils across Great Britain sharing the many different things they do. From gritting the streets on a chilly morning to keeping our parks clean, these are often behind-the-scenes activities that we’re bringing to the forefront.

Keep an eye out next Tuesday for #OnYourDoorstep and all things local government… and perhaps share something of your own!


How can I get involved?

Wherever you call home, show us what you love most about your local community by sharing a pic, or two this coming Tuesday! Maybe it’s the community veggie garden or the basketball courts down the road… then finish it off with the hashtag – #OnYourDoorstep.

No campaign launch would be complete without a thunderclap to kick it off… so (naturally) we have one! Sign up to our thunderclap and help us start the day with a bang.

Finally, click share to pass this blog on to your family and friends!

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