Help us make the invisible; visible

The elections on Thursday 4 May are just around the corner. Yet millions remain without a voice. Read this blog to find out how you can help change that…

By Ashleigh Yardy, Senior Communications Officer, Electoral Commission


Around eight million people in Great Britain do not have a voice in matters that affect them. Effectively, they are invisible.

Why? Because they aren’t correctly registered to vote.

Some groups of people remain less likely to be registered than others. Young people, home movers and renters, students and BME communities continue to top the invisible list. Did you know that one in three 18-24-year-olds are not registered? Or that only 27% of people who’ve lived at their place for up to a year are on the electoral roll?

If you believe eight million without their democratic right to vote is far too many, then help us change it.

The local elections on Thursday 4 May will decide who represents you in your local council and who makes decisions on the provision of local services, such as education, housing and public transport. That’s why the main message of our campaign is simple; the elections are #OnYourDoorstep.

We’ve created a range of resources to encourage participation in the local elections across Scotland, Wales and England. You can download posters, banners, infographics, a guide that explains it all and much more from our website.

Download your resources now

It’s easy. You can share a post from our Facebook page or RT us or use one of our resources to create your own message. Print a poster and stick it up in your staff kitchen – don’t forget; waiting for the kettle to boil is the perfect time to register online. Blog about it or write a post for your intranet. We can all do something to spread the word.

We work with a range of public, private and voluntary organisations to reach those who are least likely to be registered to vote. Ahead of the May 2016 elections, we worked with organisations such as Shelter Scotland, RNIB Cyrmu and The Rainbow Project to promote voter registration. If your organisation is interested in getting involved, find out more on our partnerships page.

Remember to tell your friends, your family, your neighbours, your colleagues. Ensure the people who matter to you can have their say on Thursday 4 May.

From everyone here at the Electoral Commission, thank you for your support.

Download our resources to promote participation in the May 2017 elections now.

Note: 1 in 6 people not correctly registered in Great Britain is an estimated number of people that are not registered or are incorrectly registered as a proportion of the estimated eligible voting population (calculated from ONS population estimates). You can read more in our report on The December 2015 electoral registers in Great Britain.

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