A new face for promoting voter registration

Our Head of Campaigns, Emma Hartley blogs about why we have said hello to a new identity to promote voter registration…

We’ve been changing the ways we do things here in Communications at the EC. You may have noticed that we recently launched our new campaign Your Vote Matters Twitter accounts in English and Welsh and rebranded our Facebook page.

These platforms are now spaces for us to provide all the latest information on registering and voting in the UK. By separating our corporate and campaign identities, it means we can better engage with voters and share the remarkable work of local authorities and partners who strive to ensure people in the UK can exercise their democratic right. While simultaneously having a strong voice on issues such as party and election finance and electoral administration through our corporate Twitter feed.

It wasn’t a decision we made hastily to move away from our official Electoral Commission title but is something we all feel passionately about. We live in a world where the media landscape is crowded and attention spans are increasingly short. Thanks to multi-screening, as consumers we now squeeze about 11 hours of media and communications into almost just nine hours each day.

It’s hard to comprehend but one thing is sure, relevance is key. This is something we think about everyday here at the EC when trying to encourage an action – to register to vote – that often stays out of mind for most for much of the year.

Our latest report found that around eight million people in Great Britain are not correctly registered to vote. That means one in six people don’t have a voice on issues that affect them. Across the UK, young people, students and home movers remain the least likely to be registered to vote.


www-gifcreator-me_23snvsIt’s these under-registered groups who we target in our mass public awareness campaigns ahead of elections. But we want to keep the conversation going throughout the year. Our Your Vote Matters platforms give us the chance to provide important information in an accessible, tailored way to those who are typically under-represented. It’s also a place where we can meet new organisations who would like to promote voter registration and inspire change in the UK (if that’s you, please do email us!).

Alongside these platforms, we have also launched our new voter registration newsletter, Roll Call. It’s a way for us to share our latest resources with local authorities and partners across the UK but for them to also share the innovative ways they are helping to reach the one in six who are invisible. We’d love to have you on board too.

Do you agree that there are far too many unregistered people in the UK and want to help change that? Sign up to our Roll Call newsletter to get all our latest resources.

Follow us @YourVote_UK, @DyBleidlaisDi and on Facebook!

Emma Hartley
Head of Campaigns

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