The making of the London elections campaign

Job ref: GEN220316

Senior Marketing, brand and Digital Manager Dayna Brackley in front of the City Hall 2016 Election posters on 22.03.16

Dayna Brackley takes us behind the scenes of the #LondonVotes public awareness campaign in the lead up to the Mayor of London and London Assembly elections on Thursday 5 May.

I am the Senior Manager of the marketing, brand and digital team at City Hall. It is my role to run our marketing campaign ahead of the Mayor of London and London Assembly elections on Thursday 5 May. I have a team of 10 people working on all of the different elements.

The purpose of our #LondonVotes campaign is to make sure Londoners know how, when and where to vote on 5 May.

At City Hall we always try to put Londoners’ needs first. So when we started to think about our public awareness campaign, we decided who better to ask what they wanted to know than Londoners themselves?

There were a few things the people of London told us they needed from our campaign. It needed to stand out and be bold. It needed to tell them very specifically what they were voting for. Importantly, it needed to tell them how their vote could make a difference. And lastly, it needed to tell them when, where and how they could vote.

We got to work and came up with a series of visually striking posters in bright pink and teal with the date as our main image. You can see them on the Underground, across buses and at bus stops, as well as online and in local press. You can also hear our ads on the radio.

In planning our campaign we have responded to the change in audience behaviour since the last London elections in 2012. Now around 96 per cent of people in London own a mobile phone, over 50 per cent own a tablet and almost 70 per cent of us use YouTube to watch videos. So we had to adapt our content to continue to engage people, like this gif filmed outside City Hall just last week.

The other big change is our use of social media. We want to ensure people can get the answers they need in the lead up to the elections. So we are training our staff at City Hall so we can provide Londoners with prompt, helpful information throughout the campaign.

Very soon Londoners will also receive our voter information booklet through their letterboxes. It includes mini-manifestos from Mayoral candidates and information on how to vote. It’s bright pink so it can’t be missed!

The Mayor of London has such an important remit. The Mayor makes decisions about London housing, transport, policing and the environment – things that affect the people of this city every day. It’s the job of the Assembly to hold the Mayor to account on these issues. So it’s essential we ensure Londoners have all the information they need to have their say on 5 May.

To vote in the Mayor of London and London Assembly elections, you must be registered to vote by midnight on Monday 18 April. Register online now at

To find out more about the London elections, visit or follow @LondonElects on Twitter.




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