It’s Overseas Voter Registration Day – pass it on!

Overseas Voter Registration Day (OVRD) has finally arrived and we have some ideas for how you can spread the message about registering to vote to British expat communities across the world.

Since our last blog post about OVRD some of you have been in touch to ask how you can get involved to let UK citizens living overseas know that they may be able to vote in the referendum on the UK’s membership of the European Union. It’s likely that we all know at least one Brit living abroad, who might not know that they can vote in the upcoming referendum as well as UK general elections and European Parliamentary elections. Of course, OVRD isn’t the only day overseas Brits can register to vote, but it is the perfect chance to make some noise online about some expats’ right to vote.

Here are some suggestions for how you can take the message and #PassItOn:

  1. Send a tweet or retweet one of the Electoral Commission’s tweets today on OVRD. Here are some suggestions from us, complete with a link to the all-important online registration website:
  • UK expats – no matter what time zone you’re in it only takes 5 minutes to register online to vote #PassItOn
  • You can register online to vote in the EU Referendum from overseas #UKexpats #PassItOn
  • UK expats – far from the UK but 5 minutes away from registering to vote in the EU Referendum #PassItOn
  1. Add a post to your Facebook and tag any British friends or family you have living overseas. Here is some suggested copy you could use:

UK expats – did you know you may still be able to vote in UK elections and referendums, including the upcoming EU Referendum? It’s now also easier to register to vote from overseas as you can go online to register at  Make sure you don’t miss out on your chance to vote in this historic poll.

  1. Blog about it! If you have a blog, get scribbling and let your readers know that they might be able to vote in the EU Referendum even if they’re a UK citizen living overseas. Make sure to tell them that to register as an overseas elector they must have been registered to vote in the UK in the last 15 years. If they were too young when they left the UK to have been registered, then they can register as an overseas voter if their parents (or guardians) were registered in the UK in the last 15 years.

If you don’t have a blog, share this one so other UK expats can stay up-to-date with important information for them.

  1. Share the message amongst any expat hubs you are involved with. Whether it’s a sports club or an alumni group for British expats, let them know that they may be able to vote in elections back in the UK.
  2. If you do belong to a group for expats, utilise your newsletter or e-bulletin and let your teams know all about registering from overseas, including information about what they can do to help you spread the message.

Mazida Khatun, Senior Comms Officer

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