Voter Registration – Have your say on new Performance Standards

Without the electoral register, there are no elections.

So ensuring the electoral register is as complete and accurate as possible is essential for maximising participation in elections.

Today we have published a consultation paper on proposed new performance standards for Electoral Registration Officers (EROs) across the United Kingdom.

The current standards, which were introduced in September 2013, were designed to support EROs in planning for and delivering the transition to Individual Electoral Registration (IER), a significant change to the registration system replacing the old household registration system.

As the transition to IER will end in December 2015, we have developed a proposed new set of standards for EROs which aims to support them in planning for and delivering well-run electoral registration services, across the whole of the UK, as Northern Ireland is included for the first time.

Performance Standards for Electoral Registration Officers (EROs) exist to help ensure consistency across areas. They also help EROs in planning the activities that drive their electoral registration work locally. There are some really effective approaches to registration out there already and we want to see those high standards mirrored right across the country. That means registration activities that…

  • understand local communities and are able to meet the needs of voters
  • remain responsive and flexible to maximise participation
  • give confidence to voters and other stakeholders in the integrity of the register

We have set out a proposed framework. Now it’s over to you to have your say. You can take a look at our consultation paper here. We’re looking for views from a wide range of stakeholders – from voters to electoral administrators, local community organisations to political parties.

The consultation will run until 15 January 2016. Responses should be sent to our dedicated email address here:

Ben Brook
Head of Performance

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