It’s your vote, don’t lose it

This year’s elections will be a chance for voters to have their say on the issues that affect them. We don’t want anyone to miss out because they didn’t know what to expect on polling day. Polling stations are open from 7am to 10pm, so plan now when you’re going to cast your vote. Information on how to mark your ballot paper will be available inside the polling station.

Don’t forget that, as well as the General Election, Local elections are also taking place across England, excluding London, and there are five mayoral elections in England too.

Ballot box

  • Make sure you vote in time. Polling stations are open from 7am until 10pm. Any voter who arrives at the polling station before 10pm and is still waiting to vote at 10pm will be able to. Legislation was changed in 2013 to allow this to happen following a recommendation by the Commission.
  • Check your poll card which says where the polling station is. Voters can only cast their vote at the polling station stated on the poll card. You don’t need your polling card to vote, but it can speed up the process.
  • Take your postal vote to your polling station and hand it in if you haven’t had a chance to post it in time.
  • Ask staff at the polling station if you need advice on the voting process and how to mark your ballot paper.
  • Use the pencil provided in the polling to booth to mark your ballot paper. You can use your own pen to mark your ballot paper if you prefer.
  • Only mark one ‘X’ for the candidate you want to be elected as your Member of Parliament.
  • Remember that pictures of you before you go into or after you leave the polling station are great to use on social media posts but don’t take a picture of yourself inside the polling station as if you post this it could be a breach of the law.

Voters can find more information about casting their vote in person at

Information for disabled voters

There should be no barriers for voters with a disability which prevent them casting their vote tomorrow.

Acting Returning Officers (AROs), who are responsible for the conduct of the poll, must ensure that the voting process is accessible to all. The Electoral Commission provides guidance to AROs to help them meet their equality obligations and ensure that everyone who is entitled to cast their vote can do so. Polling station staff should also have received training and guidance on the assistance that is available to any voter wishing to vote in person at a polling station.

We have also produced a resource pack, in conjunction with Mencap, to help people with a learning disability to understand voting and politics.

Andrew Scallan 
Director of Electoral Administration

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