So how do we feel about registering to vote?

All eyes are on the upcoming elections and there are daily polls about voting intention on the airwaves. But what do we know about the public’s views on registering to vote?

Every winter, the Electoral Commission conducts a survey of the public to get an idea of what people think about the electoral process.

Our most recent survey, carried out in December 2014, found that 89% of people said they know how to register to vote and 78% are satisfied with the system of registering to vote in Great Britain.

However, at the time of the survey, awareness of the recent change to our registration system (the move from a household system of registration to individual electoral registration) was at 27%.

With this in mind, we’ve been working really hard on an awareness-raising campaign (you might have seen our TV advert), and have teamed up with local authorities and youth organisations to spread the message about the 20 April deadline for registering to vote.  The ability to now register to vote online has made registering much quicker and simpler, and satisfaction with this process is at 93%.Our annual survey provides an invaluable snapshot of how voters feel about the process of registering and voting, which is particularly important given the recent changes and the upcoming election.  In upcoming posts, we will be setting out other key findings, such as how people feel about voting and demographic trends in voting behaviour.

If, in the meantime, you would like further information on the survey’s findings, including the full dataset, then please click here.

Phil Thompson
Research and Evaluation Manager

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