Looking for: A man who is registered to vote

Tall, sporty, interested in current events, likes to travel and is registered to vote.

That’s my list of what I’m looking for in a man (well the start of my list anyway!), but while the first four boxes are easy to ‘tick’, not enough single people are registered to vote; just one in four even!

This is a problem. Not only because it limits my pool of prospects but also because it means single people will miss out on having their say at the general election on 7 May.

This is why the Electoral Commission has formed a partnership with MySingleFriend.com, to encourage more single people to get online and register to vote by the 20 April deadline.

MySingleFriend.com are promoting registration through their social media channels and a blog post. Plus, they’re showing website banner ads like the ones below, on the profile pages of every MySingleFriend.com member!



Don’t dismiss our ads because you think they’re too ‘this’ or not enough ‘that’ and don’t be shy about clicking on them either. They’ll take you to the registration page on gov.uk where you’ll be able to register to vote online in minutes. Now, if only finding me a man was that easy!

Emma Hartley
Senior Communications Officer

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