Significant progress has been made in the biggest change to electoral registration in almost 100 years

Since the Commission’s last assessment of Individual Electoral Registration (IER) readiness in October last year, significant progress has been made although more work is needed. This is the message from the Electoral Commission in their report published today on the work that both the Government and Electoral Registration Officers (EROs) have done so far to prepare for this landmark change, which is due to commence in June.

The Commission has followed up on its report in October by setting out that the Government has successfully addressed most of the areas of concern identified then – such as the allocation of funding to EROs. However, the Government still needs to do more work to assure Electoral Registration Officers that the required IT system and contingency arrangements are fully in place ahead of the start of the transition to IER in June 2014.

The Cabinet Office has detailed delivery plans in place for the final testing of the IT systems and has good relationships and agreements in place with their key delivery partners, including Government Digital Service and the Department for Work and Pensions. It will be important for all those involved in preparing the IT systems for use, to support the Cabinet Office fully in this final phase.

Progress has also been made in developing contingency arrangements, but full information on contingency planning and the technical support available to EROs during the transition has not yet been shared with EROs. The Cabinet Office should finalise the detail of this work and communicate it to EROs and their staff as soon as possible.

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